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    Internet Resources to Expand Your NatureMapping Horizons

    We'll be happy to add your suggestions to the list.
    NatureMapping promotes the idea of partnerships and sharing of resources.

    NatureMapping Affiliations

    Government Agencies


    • ESRI
      ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.) provides GIS software and training. ESRI is the maker of ArcView and ArcInfo software. Various GIS training is available in a formal classroom setting or online.
    • Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) - Query Form for The United States

    • Maptech

    Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups

    • Region 1 - Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Group Association
      (email: nsea@nas.com)
      Contact person: Wendy Scherrer

    • Region 2 - Skagit River Enhancement Group
      (email: skgtfish@pacificrim.net)
      Contact person: Lucy Applegate, Allison Studley

    • Region 3 - Stilly-Snohomish FETF
      (email: prentner@gte.net or ssfetf@eskimo.com)
      Contact person: Dave Ward, Paul Rentner, Kip Killebrew

    • Region 4 - Mid-Sound RFEG
      (email: midsound@nwlink.com)
      Contact person: David Bruger, Troy Fields

    • Region 5 - Sound Salmon Enhancement Group
      SPSSEG homepage: http://www.spsseg.org/index.asp
      Address: 6700 Martin Way E. Suite 112 :: Olympia, WA 98516
      Contact: Cheryl Mongovin
      email: spsseg@spsseg.org
      phone: 1-360-412-0808

    • Region 6 - Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group
      (email: hcseg@hctc.com)
      Contact person: Eileen Palmer, Al Adams

    • Region 7 - North Olympic Salmon Coalition
      (email: nosc@olympus.net)
      Contact person: Paula Mackrow

    • Region 8 - Pacific Coast Salmon Coalition
      (email: carlc@olypen.com)
      Contact person: Carl Chastain

    • Region 9 - Chehalis Basin FTF
      (email: hamilton@techline.com or fishery@techline.com)
      Contact person: Dave Hamilton, Vicki Filyaw

    • Region 10 - Willapa Bay RFEG
      (email: ron&leta@willapabay.org)
      Contact person: Ron Craig

    • Region 11 - Lower Columbia River FEG
      (email: lcfegs@pacifier.com or lcfeg@pacifier.com)
      Contact person: Jim Stolarzyk, Rich Kolb

    • Region 12 - Eastern Washington FEG
      (email: fishwa@aol.com)
      Contact person: Glenn Miller, Kim Hubner


    Earth Science

    'Salmon' Websites



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