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    NatureMapping Publications

    Conference Presentations/Proceedings

    Community Remote Sensing: The NatureMapping Program Biodiversity Inventory Project
    IGARSS, July 25-30, 2010

    In the Beginning...

    First National Annual Meeting, May 11-14, 1998
    Our first Newsletter, April 1995.

    Magazine/Online Articles

    Botanists race to record Arboretum species in Seattle's first bioblitz
    By Melissa Allison, The Seattle Times, May 23, 2010

    Bleary-eyed botanists trudged along the trails of Washington Park Arboretum on Saturday in a quest for every tree, herb and escaped garden plant they could find that is not part of the official collection.

    Filling in the GAPs: Citizen Scientists Monitor Local Biodiversity
    by Julia Cechvala, posted on October 14th, 2009 on earthzine.org

    There are 3 online articles for NatureMapping on Edutopia (George Lucas Education Foundation)
    NatureMapping Takes Kids -- and Technology -- Outside and into Active Learning
    A Week in the Life of the NatureMapping Program
    Third-Party Assessment of NatureMapping

    Dvornich, K. and D. Hannafious. 2007. Students and Farmers Become Citizen Scientists. ArcUser Online, January - March, 2007.


    NatureMapping Activities.

    Journal Articles

    Lahti, M.E. and D.D. Beck. 2008. Ecology and Ontogenetic Variation of Diet in the Pigmy Short-Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma douglasii). Am. Midl. Nat. 159:327?39.

    Windschitl, M., G. Koehler, and K.M. Dvornich. 2007. Field Investigations in School Science: Aligning Standards for Inquiry with the Practices of Contemporary Sciences. School Science and Mathematics 107(1), 382-390.

    Galloway, A.W.E, M.T. Tudor, and W.M. Vander Haegen. 2006. The Reliability of Citizen Science: A Case Study of Oregon White Oak Stand Surveys. WILDLIFE SOCIETY BULLETIN 34(5):1425-1429.

    Cassidy, K.M., C. E. Gruea, M. R. Smitha, R. E. Johnson, K. M. Dvornich, K. R. McAllister, P. W. Mattocks Jr., J. E. Cassady and K. B. Aubry 2001. Using current protection status to assess conservation priorities. Biological Conservation Volume 97, Issue 1, 1-20.

    Tudor, M.T., K.M. Dvornich. 2001. The NatureMapping Program: Resource agency environmental education reform, Journal of Environmental Education, 2001, Vol. 32, No. 2, 8-14.

    Dvornich, K.M., K. Brooks, J. Garner, and M. Tirhi (2002). Long-term Implementation Strategies for Biodiverse Lands. GAP Analysis Program Bulletin (11), 51-52.

    Dvornich, K.M. 1998. The NatureMapping Program's First Five Years. GAP Analysis Program Bulletin (7), 33-35.

    Dvornich, K.M., M. Tudor, and C.E. Grue. 1995. NatureMapping: Assisting management of natural resources through public education and public particpation Wildlife Society Bulletin, 23(4):609-614.


    Ryken, A.E., P.Otto, K. Pritchard, and K. Owens. 2009. Field Investigations: Using Outdoor Environments to Foster Student Learning of Scientific Processes, Pacific Education Institute, 130 pp.

    Kathryn I. Frank, 2000, "Connecting with nature: A study of the effects of the NatureMapping Program on its grade school participants, their schools and their communities", Master's thesis, Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management, Eugene, OR: University of Oregon.

    Erin Heidtke, 2004, "The study of vegetation inventory methods for NatureMapping: A citizen science based program", Department of Geography and Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

    Lynna Marie Kaucheck, 2004, "A survey of biological monitoring programs in the United States that involve K-12 students as monitors", Department of Science and Math Education, Florida Institute of Technology

    Brooks K., K.M. Dvornich, M. Tirhi, E. Neatherlin, M. McCalmon, and J. Jacobson. 2004. Pierce County Biodiversity Network Assessment August, 2004. Report to Pierce County Council, Pierce County, 146 pp.


    Bioblitz Reports
    Gig Harbor (2005)
    Lower White River (2006)
    City of Pacific (2007)
    City of Auburn (2007)
    Lower White River (2006-2007)

    Seattle Audubon (1995-2004)

    NatureMapping Workshops
    Crescent Valley (2007)

    News Articles

    Chase Middle School students produced annual newspapers that were distributed to 2,000 residents in their community. This is an example of their work.

    Glenrose Watershed Gazette, Spring 2000. Chase Middle School NatureMapping Students. Vol.3 No.1.
    Select stories individually in Glenrose Watershed Gazette Stories

    Background Information

    A general overview of The NatureMapping Program
    The NatureMapping Program and Research
    The NatureMapping Program and Communities
    The NatureMapping Program and K-12 education


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