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    Project Design

    Project Design 2007-2012

    Step-by-step Instructions to Begin Field Investigation Projects

    Literate About Biodiversity of the Waterville Plateau
    An example that work anywhere

    This is a 5-year project at the Waterville School District that integrates K-8 reading, writing, speaking, math, and technology through field investigation around their town & neighboring habitats.

    • Each grade has a scientific question.
    • Each grade is integrating reading, writing, and speaking with science content.
    • Data collection and analyses using simple graphs begins in Kindergarten.
    • The use of compasses and GPS units begins in 3rd grade.
    • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) work begins in 4th grade.
    • All students conduct field investigation, from their homes, school, and field sites in order to inventory and map biodiversity of the Waterville Plateau.

    Where is the Waterville Plateau?

    Waterville aerial photo

    See PowerPoint Presentation on the Literate About Biodiversity Blog


    Grade - Project

    K - Spiders

    Scientific Question: What is a spider and what does it eat?


    1 - Butterfly

    Scientific Question: What are the native butterflies and moths of Waterville?


    2 - Birds

    Scientific Question: What is the bird diversity of Waterville?

    3 - Insects

    Scientific Questions:
    What are the insects found at Douglas Creek?
    How are they different from the insects around Waterville?

    Great horned owl4 - Reptiles & Short-horned Lizard

    Scientific Questions:
    What are the the reptiles of the Waterville Plateau?
    Does the Short-horned lizard live in farm fields?

    5 - Wildflowers / Weeds

    Scientific Question: What wildflowers and weeds exist in Waterville?

    washington map

    6 - Geology (2007)

    Scientific Question: What is the geology and geography that makes Waterville unique?

    6 - Fossorial Mammals (2008+)

    Scientific Question: How does the geology affect fossorial mammals?

    7/8 - Biodiversity of Pine Canyon

    High School Spanish

    High School Tree Project

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