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    bird image Silhouettes were created by high school students using recycled x-ray film. For more information or to purchase, contact Dan Hannafious, danhannafious@gmail.com

    Bird Silhouettes

    One of the first clues to bird identification is size. The bird silhouettes provide a quick life-sized reference for some common birds with identifiable physical characteristics. Recognizing a crown, a forked tail or posture of correctly-sized bird helps to create confidence by building the correct search image.

    Bird Silhouette Notes - Set A »
    Bird Silhouette Notes - Set B »

    mammal image

    Mammal Silhouettes

    The mammal silhouettes provide a quick life-sized reference based on identifiable physical characteristics such as thickness and length of the body and/or tail, and the shape of a head. When placed or displayed in a location that mimics the behavior of the mammal, you are creating the correct search image. For example, with similar sized mammals, you are likely to find a marmot on the ground and a gray squirrel up in a tree.

    Mammal Silhouette Notes »

    Three sets of mammal silhouettes are available to purchase

    • Set A: Bufflehead, Grebe sp., Mallard, Pintail, Kingfisher, Jay (w/crest) Robin, Waxwing, American Crow

    • Set B: Barn Swallow, Swallow sp., Junco, Chickadee sp., Downy Woodpecker, Hairy Woodpecker, Pileated Woodpecker, Screech Owl, Great-horned Owl

    • Set C: Douglas Squirrel, Pygmy Rabbit, Gray Squirrel sp., Pica, Beaver, Harvest Mouse, Mole, Townsend Chipmunk, Long-tailed Weasel, Townsend Vole

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